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  • Living with College Roommates Coherently
    Category: College Corner

    Getting on the same page with your roommate is all about communication. Understanding where the other person is coming from, as well as, their thoughts and expectations will make the relationship run smoother. Whether in college life or post-college roommate situations, the tension between roommates can seriously harm the ability of the room to be a comfortable haven. One of the most common areas where roommates tend to disagree is with decorating. Read More

  • Moving in With a Roommate (What to Expect)
    Category: Landlord Corner

    Having a roommate is an experience most go through at least once in their lives, be it in a college dorm, a first-time move out from the folks' to save expenses, or even as a couple moving in together. On the other hand, we all know someone who refuses to live with anyone else because of the terror installed in their nervous system from living with a person who was, shall we say, not so compatible with their lifestyle. Read More

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