When Can Your Landlord Enter Your House?

In renting an apartment or a house you will lose some of your privacy rights. Your landlord will be able to enter your home to make repairs and in certain cases to make inspections. Your lease should outline when and how your landlord will be able to enter your apartment. If your lease does not specify this your landlord may be able to enter without giving you advanced notification.

Your lease should state:

WHEN: Your landlord should be able to enter only during reasonable hours. 2:00 A.M. is not reasonable.

HOW: Generally he should give you 24 hour notice.

WHY: He must have a sound reason for entering your home such as making a needed repair or to make a necessary inspections. A valid inspection would be to check for leaks or ensuring that his no-pet policy is being followed. Your landlord cannot enter your apartment just to snoop around.

EMERGENCIES – In this case when life and property are at risk as in the case of a fire or broken water pipe no notice is needed.