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Harmony With Your Roommate

The best cure of loneliness is, well, getting a roommate to share the apartment with. Nothing is more depressing than lazing around on the couch the whole of Sunday, and eating sushi alone for dinner...
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How To Move Out Of Your Parents House

At one point in life, you feel that you are ready for independence and moving out of your parents’ house becomes a very attractive option. Before you leap to freedom, there are several questions that...
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How To Find A Roommate

Why do I call getting a great roommate who pays rent on time, keeps the place clean or even improves the appearance of the place, and causes very little drama a successful roommate? Well, when...
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Moving in With a Roommate

Having a roommate is an experience most go through at least once in their lives, be it in a college dorm, a first-time move out from the folks’ to save expenses, or even as a...
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Apartment Swapping For The Summer

Apartment Swapping For The Summer Are you looking for a really cheap and exciting way to spend your summer? How about swapping your apartment! Imagine swapping your apartment in muggy Washington, DC for a really...
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