Why do I call getting a great roommate who pays rent on time, keeps the place clean or even improves the appearance of the place, and causes very little drama a successful roommate? Well, when you land one of these they are as good as gold. You don’t need to spend money on maids, your valuable time, and no stress property management to deal with issues and drama.

How do you find these people? I’ve been keeping a general rule of thumb for renting to working professionals or graduate students. When I mean working professionals I mean people with at least a four-year degree with a real profession. Although I don’t discriminate against undergrads or people working full time with minimum wage, a good price rent amount that meets the markets demands usually eliminates the ones who can’t pay anyway. They usually have a budget to work with and won’t get themselves into something they can’t afford.

Accommodation sharing has always been popular among students, but with the economic recession, it has become an attractive option for everyone. If you are thinking of renting a property for your place of residence, it may be best to find a room partner. There are plenty of sites available today that offer roommate finder services depending on your requirements. You can easily find someone who can have another pea in a pod and will not be an obstacle in your lifestyle.

When you are researching your roommate, you can start with the room finder. These are websites that are designed to help you match certain attributes that your chosen partner must have. For example, if you love to sleep until late in the morning, your roommate with a tendency to wake you up when the dawn crack is not someone you want to live with. What should you look for in the ideal room?

First, it’s the sex of your roommate. Some people are quite comfortable to share their places of residence with either sex, but should not be quick to accept anyone. Think about how a person of the opposite sex can affect your current family, with regard to your current housing colleagues, diverse lifestyles, personalities, gender-specific characteristics, etc. The age of your roommate will be another point to consider. People of different ages hold different views, interests and lifestyles.

Determine whether your family is smoking-friendly or non-smoking. You do not want any arguments after all the living arrangements. Drinking habits must also be discussed before anyone is accepted as a bearer in the room, because if the grocery costs are shared, neither party may be happy about spending money on alcohol.

Characters affect group dynamics and interaction style. If you have many roommates and some are quiet and relaxed while others are loud and out, you will notice some friction between these two types. Make sure you make a thorough selection by understanding each person’s personality. Hobbies and interests are equally important in this equation, because if tastes in entertainment, food, and activities vary considerably among roommates, conflicts are likely to occur.

Be clear about the expected length of stay in the room. Some rentals are provided on an annual basis, while others are just monthly or weekly. Clarifying such issues and binding the paper agreement is essential if you want to have a good relationship with your roommates. In addition, you should look for a roommate companion who has an entertaining style similar to yours. If you prefer a quiet home, and your housing partner always pleases people, it will not do well. The level of independence of your partner in the room will also play a key role, especially if it conflicts with your style. Furthermore, make sure you know if your partner has your chosen room and has no property to be brought to the place. If you have a small apartment and your roommate wants to set up a large sofa set, it will not be a practical arrangement.

Start searching your fellow housing using all this as practical guidelines. Benefit from a free in-room search facility or in-room partner search service to ensure you find the right room partner for you.

Usually, in my ads for roommates, I would mention that all the roommates are working professionals and that we’re usually never home which is true. I found that most people who are interested are pretty much well-rounded people who study a lot and want a quiet night sleep after work — not the party animal people that throws parties every day. People with a certain lifestyle will try to find other people with certain lifestyles. If your lifestyle is a boring or exciting you’ll find similar roommates that meet your personality. Although each an every day maybe fun but you’ll need to deal with the drama that comes with it.

I’m usually busy working with various business ventures trying to get myself out of the rat race that I could use not having any distractions to go out or party.

When you find one that is good, I simply do nothing and try to provide them with a friendly atmosphere. Build rapport with your roommates and go out with them every so often. You don’t have to do that all the time. Be lenient on a few things but don’t let them step all over you. Be understanding, listen to where they are coming from and what their needs are. You should be soft on them because you may not understand their experiences hence being judgmental can be a problem.

So as a review.

The type of roommates you want usually are the ones that are similar to your lifestyle. Make sure you make that known in your ads. If you’re quiet, then mention it. If you like pets, mention it. Tell them everything about you so that the ones who run across your ad and don’t shrivel at your pet peeves are probably the ones who find you interesting and a great match to be roommates with.