The best cure of loneliness is, well, getting a roommate to share the apartment with. Nothing is more depressing than lazing around on the couch the whole of Sunday, and eating sushi alone for dinner and ice cream for dessert while watching some evening talent show on TV. And you’re not even anywhere near quarter-life crisis yet.

Getting a roommate to live with you is the best way to bring some noise into the empty rooms of the apartment. You also get to share rent. Being able to pay just half the monthly rent is a big deal for some people. So go ahead, get a roommate and get the party started.

But ‘there’s always a “but”‘ getting a roommate to share the apartment is also somewhat of a double-edged sword. The person you rented the apartment with might turn out to be an annoying kid after a couple weeks of living together. He might be someone who doesn’t respect privacy, or regularly invites his friends over without asking your permission. Really there’s no way to find out until it’s too late.

In any case, here are some tips on how to get better along with a roommate.

1. Bring only what you need

If you’re moving in at the same time, discuss beforehand who’s bringing what with them so you don’t end up with two of everything (kitchen appliances, living room furniture, etc).

2. Who gets the bigger bedroom?

Decide who gets which bedroom if there is more than one. You should also talk how you want the furniture to be arranged especially in share areas of the apartment.

3. Remember that song, “Spending the night together”

Don’t get strange ideas, mate. What I’m trying to say is: put in an effort to get to know your roommate. Don’t make unfair judgments about his character and personality when you haven’t even had a chance to really talk and get to know each other a little better.

4. Respect private space

The apartment is yours as much as it is your roommate’s, and vice versa. Respect each other’s privacy. If you got some friends coming over, ask him in advance if he’d rather stay in his room or join the fun. If he prefers to stay inside his room, make sure to keep the noise level down as much as possible.

5. Create reasonable household chore schedules

If you guys are in college, it’s best for you to come up with a household cleaning routine that complements your class schedules. If you’re already going to work, it’s the same thing. Nothing good is going to come out of not having a cleaning routine and both of you are just waiting on who would pick up someone else’s trash to the garbage bin.

Show self-respect. Show some to your roommate, too. To avoid having to argue about who should take out the trash tomorrow, simply prepare a schedule plan beforehand, and stick to it.

Things To Share

When going to college it is obvious that there are things you will need to take with you to make life easy and comfortable. Each person has things they find necessary and will definitely decide to take such with them to college. Since it is highly likely that you will have a college roommate, there are things that will need to be shared as compared to each individual coming with own pieces.

Different colleges offer furniture most of which will include a bed, chair and table. Anything else that you need might be at your expense. On finding a good roommate, you can agree on what other furniture you need and who should bring what as well as what can remain shared within the space. There are several things that you can share and include the items such as refrigerator, television, and microwave, area rug and DVD player. It can be decided who is to bring what or both of you can decide to share the costs if anything needs to be bought.

It certainly does not make any sense to have two sets of TV or refrigerators in the same room and therefore coming to an understanding with your roommate will make life enjoyable and will also help in saving the limited space available in your apartment.

Costs can be shared when it comes to the different find a college roommate supplies needed. This is especially the case if you decide or are forced to cook within the apartment. You can come up with a schedule for buying the needed supplies or decide on monthly or weekly contributions to getting the needed supplies. Those pursuing the same college course will also find it necessary to share textbooks unselfishly. This is also a great way of cutting on expenses especially for books not offered by the school library.

It is important to note that you are not the sole being living in the apartment and therefore everything appertaining to space should be shared and agreed by the other party. This goes for cases such as those dealing with room decoration. Both parties should agree on how to decorate the room in terms of the wallpaper to use as well as the color scheme bound to accentuate the apartment. Making decisions on behalf of the other party is something that has always led to conflicts hence it should be at the best interest of both parties

Good thing that you can help make your experience staying with your roommate in the rental apartment or a really enjoyable experience provided you take care of certain simple things. It is suggested to plan in advance about the various chores to be performed regularly and bring out a household roster. Schedules of different people, their lifestyles and preferences should be well kept in mind prior to planning the roster. Based on the timetables of different people, assign them different tasks. Set the standards well so that everybody does the same task in an effective manner that is accepted and loved by all.

Adjusting a little bit is the essence of a healthy living and it is true with staying in a shared accommodation as well. List down the different activities to be performed and divide it uniformly among all of you. Even there are various kinds of agreements that you can plan to make. You may also like to do it on a rotating basis so that every individual ends up doing each and everything. All this will help you set up harmony with your roommate and have a healthy and enjoyable stay afterward. These simple things if taken care well can help you build lifelong relationship and friends that can last for a lifetime.