What To Bring & Not Bring To Your College Dorm Room

What To Bring & Not Bring To Your College Dorm Room

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Before leaving for school find out what is allowed as well as what is FORBIDDEN

These are the things you SHOULD bring:

  1. flashlight and batteries

  2. small sewing kit

  3. address book and calendar for your class schedole

  4. alarm clock

  5. bedding – pillow, sheets, blanket, mattress pad

  6. towels and wash clothes

  7. clothes hangers

  8. laundry bag and laundry supplies

  9. toiletries

  10. shower caddy

  11. desk supplies – paper, pencils, notebooks, stamps, computer paper, stapler, Post-It notes

  12. phone – if the jack is in the room

  13. fan

  14. coffee maker – if permitted

  15. kitchen utensils

  16. extension cords and surge protector

  17. desk lamp

Do NOT bring the following:

  1. candles

  2. incense and incense burners

  3. halogen lamps

  4. hot plates and toaster ovens

  5. space heaters

Also, leave the family pet at home. Not even a goldfish is allowed in a dorm. Don't even think about it.

Call your roommate to coordinate what to bring to make your new dorm room more like home. You may want to discuss the following:

Is your room carpeted? Shoold you bring a rug?

What about a dorm sized refrigerator?

How about sharing a computer, stereo, TV and VCR?

Call your school's residential life office to find out just what you can and cannot bring.

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