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Philadelphia PA 19134, USA
Point of Contact: Cheryl Alexander 
How much is Cheryl Alexander looking to pay in rent?: $400
Cheryl Alexander is looking to live with: Anyone
Does Cheryl Alexander smoke: Yes
Does Cheryl Alexander need to be next to public transportation?: No
Does Cheryl Alexander have a pet?: Yes

Additional Information
room or efficiency wanted in pa 19134 area

are you looking for a hassle free tenant who will respect you and your property? i'm a mature, single lady seeking a new home. up to $400 / month offered for a room, efficiency or studio. proof of income available, deposit ready to pay, rent will be paid in full and on time each month.

about me….. i'm originally from louisiana and have that typical laid back, friendly attitude. i respect my neighbours and fellow housemates, i am non-confrontational and non-judgemental. i'm willing to do my share of any communal chores.

but here's the thing, well, two things actually. i'm a smoker and would prefer a household where smoking is allowed. also, i have three cats. they don't need the run of the house - they're quite happy staying in one room with me, that's what they're used to and they wouldn't be any trouble to anybody.

i've been a reliable tenant for years but need to move because my landlord has persistently failed to fix a power supply problem and i cannot face yet another winter without heating or hot water. if you want a responsible tenant and can offer a habitable rental at a fair price, i'd love to hear from you

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