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Omaha NE 68114, United States
Point of Contact: Adam 
How much is Adam looking to pay in rent?: $500
Adam is looking to live with: Anyone
Does Adam smoke: No
Does Adam need to be next to public transportation?: No
Does Adam have a pet?: No

looking for short term
Additional Information
My roommate has just informed me that he's putting the house up for sale. While we don't know how long it'll take to sell, I may be needing a place as soon as February or so. I'm actually hoping to be moving out to the west coast before too long too, but I probably won't be ready to do so until spring, like April or so. I didn't know my roommate was planning to do this, so I thought I would just be at my current place until I went west. Now it appears that I'm likely going to have two or three months of a gap, during which time I'm going to have to find something temporary. So, that is the point of this ad.

Other than it being a short-term arrangement, the main request I have in a place to live is somewhere where I am allowed to walk around and be myself, by which I mean sometimes I like to be naked. I mean it's not all the time, basically just on my way to and from the shower, when I first wake in the AM, or perhaps when I'm doing laundry. I just want a place where it is allowed that I do so, where I can be comfortable like that. It doesn't matter whether or not you do, but just that you don't mind that I do.

Otherwise, I just want the basics: a room in which to sleep, a bathroom (and it doesn't matter so much whether it is my own or shared with you or others), and then a kitchen. Oh, I'd also really prefer to have a washer and dryer somewhere in the house and access to that, too. Otherwise, that's it.

I'm a 39-year-old male, by the way. I'm also straight, so we don't need to have that conversation because this isn't sexual at all. I just like to be nude.

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