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Atlanta GA 30349, USA
Point of Contact: Katie Jones 
How much is Katie Jones looking to pay in rent?: $2500
Katie Jones is looking to live with: Anyone
Does Katie Jones smoke: No
Does Katie Jones need to be next to public transportation?: No
Does Katie Jones have a pet?: No

Additional Information
do you have extra space available? i am a well-respected veteran host on the popular room sharing app/website airbnb. about a year ago i decided to use my living space to make extra income and it has changed both my life and lifestyle for the better. below you will see my referral link that earns you a $50 additional bonus for your first rental as well as a list of some of the benefits to being an airbnb host. your price must be minimum $100 per night and that is all! you just have you set up your account through the following special referral link

benefits of short-term rentals versus having a full-time roommate:

- money. my entire rent for january was covered through my new income. i put the $1250 i normally would have paid to my landlord aside for my trip to australia. if you have more roommates and will split the profits among them, you can also charge more for your larger living space so the extra income is all relative.

- you'll have the apartment to yourself more often. airbnb guests tend to spend minimal time in the apartment as they are in town for travel or work.

- authority. rather than sharing the rules and regulations of the apartment with an annoying roommate, you now set them (as loosely or tight as you like) for your guests

- the experience. i can't begin to tell you how many cool people i have met on their travels. you choose who stays by screening the profiles of those who request so you never have unwanted guests in your house

- flexibility. you choose not only the price your guests pay you but also the days you want to have guests and the days you don't.

there is a reason this community has grown so much over the past 3 years and if you have any questions about hosting or anything in general, i would be more than happy to answer them. use the referral as a trial to earn your $50 bonus after your first hosting and i guarantee you won't look back. enjoy!

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