Room for Rent

The Woodlands TX 77382, United States
Point of Contact: Cray & Nici
Asking monthly Rent: $760
Cray & is looking to live with : Anyone
Are smokers allowed: No
Is the room next to public transportation?: No
Are pets allowed?: Maybe

Howdy yall! Hopefully during all the craziness you are still keeping your head up. I would like to find a roommate who is in need for a place to stay and a lighter rent load. Sorry for the long read
Additional Information
So this is an 1196 sqft 2x2 apartment. I have pics attached so you can get a good idea of what is here. Let's talk about the room you will be staying in. It has a walk in closet and built in desk so if you work for home it is a great spot. The bathroom will be yours to use, clean and maintain as its also the guest bath. It has 2 entrances from the bed and hallway. Its pretty spacy and its unfurnished so you can bring whatever you need to feel at home. The living room has a stand area where you can put a 55in TV but as you can see I utilized a lamp along with some other trinkets there. There's a couch, chair with ottoman, 50 TV with stand and Fire Stick with apps so you can watch whatever you are in the mood for. The laundry room and kitchen are connect, has a pantry, full size washer and dryer and plenty of cabinet space. The dining room has a table and chairs with placements. There's a bookshelf so if you are a reader than feel free to organize it as you wish. Patio is huge and relaxing. There's outdoor storage but its pretty full sooooo lol sorry about that.

The complex is pretty much at Katy/Copperfield/Bear Creek. It has just started valet trash 5 days a week. Outdoor volleyball, I believe 2 pools, billiards, 24hrs fitness center, lake near by along with a park that is 5 mins away driving. They are undergoing construction due to upgrades that are being made but will be completed soon. I do not hear any noise in regards to construction. Neighbors are not too noisy especially at night which is great. The staff has been super friendly so that is a plus. They really do their best to make sure everything is taken care of. Also as a bonus WE HAVE DUCKS!!!! They are pretty cool and I fed them...very chill.

The price covers everything and is on a 15 month lease which started in January so if you aren't looking to move soon then this is a good spot. You will have to contact the office and inform them of your plans and they will perform the necessary steps to get you approved. You will have to pay the app fee and if accepted you will be added to the lease and 675 plus 300 deposit (half will be given back at the end of lease if everything is in tact and to cover me just in case lease is broken) due on move in. Rent is due on the first of every month.

Now lets talk about about me as the person offering up this place lol. I'm in my mid 30s, A Christian. I work from home. I am looking into podcasting and becoming a content creator. I am a gamer and love to game and watch TV shows and foreign films. I'm making it a point into living an Alkaline lifestyle. If you don't know what this means it's a lifestyle recommended by the late Dr. Sebi that advocates clean eating and herbs for the nurturing and healing of the body. No meat and no GMO foods. I'm a pretty relaxed individual but pretty OCD about keeping things clean lol. I'm not a messy person so you do NOT have to worry about things being dirty or left a mess.. Most of the time its all good but maybe sometimes I will pass out with something in the sink so please don't kill me haha. In regards to being a relaxed person, I am not a mask nor a vaccine advocate. If you choose to wear a mask, take a vaccine or whatever you choose to do that is your choice. I am about freedom and choice. If that's what you need to do to feel safe I support it but I will never advocate that you need to wear a mask or anything. That's how I roll. I am pretty quiet and keep to myself. I don't have parties nor have lots of people over. I do not smoke nor drink. I'm pretty much a stay to myself person and helpful and will always try my best to resolve conflict. Oh yeah very peaceful in regards to conflict. We are adults right? I'm not into negativity and hopefully you are the same way.

So in looking for a roommate, obviously we would like for them to be compatible with us. With that being said, a roommate I would like is for someone who feels they can be compatible with me as far as my lifestyle is concerned. I don't mind guest(s) or even overnight guest(s) from time to time just don't want it to be too often. Someone who doesn't throw large or loud parties. Small gathering of friends I don't mind. No one who gets drunk or does drugs (Don't mind marijuana smoking just do it outside). Someone who isn't violent and disrespectful. Pretty much it for me just pays on time and if you have any issues we can talk about it and see what can be done.

If this sounds good then hey feel free to contact me and you can come pay a visit to see if this is the place for you. Thanks for taking the time out to read.


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