Room for Rent

PORTLAND OR 97229, United States
Point of Contact: Keith Davey
Asking monthly Rent: $600
Keith is looking to live with : Anyone
Are smokers allowed: Any
Is the room next to public transportation?: Yes
Are pets allowed?: No

I am a renter on Disability. I need to supplement my Benefits by "renting" out one room of the 3 Bedroom 1 1/2 bath house near Hwy 26 and 185th. I am willing to let a "house guest" stay for a price.
Additional Information
I am looking for a person that is very understanding and not needy at all. If i was to "sublet" a room, my landlord would expect to do credit and background check and all kinds of hassles.

What I prefer to do, and has been successful in the past is have a "House guest" sign an agreement and "donate" $600 each month for the room.

I am willing to allow the person to use my bedroom with adjoining toilet for sleeping. However, there is a much larger room with a Futon, that is really jammed up with all kinds of junk that needs to be organized or disposed of.

If the House guest wanted to help clean it out and occupy it (since I am somewhat Disabled) I would deduct a fair portion of the "Monthly Donation"for the work performed.

I am a very private person and would need the House guest to be very aware of that and keeping noise down to a minimum. My bedroom has TV with Cable and DVR.

I have found that female House guests have been my best choices for this situation.
I understand that Rental Properties have become more expensive every year and this could be a very affordable alternative. I am hoping to have a person with good income living here since my budget is so tight already.

There is an area in front of the house in the cul de sac that would be good for parking.

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