Room for Rent

Boise ID 83705, United States
Point of Contact: Gavin Kastner
Asking monthly Rent: $450
Gavin is looking to live with : Anyone
Are smokers allowed: Any
Is the room next to public transportation?: No
Are pets allowed?: Maybe

I'm Gavin and am looking for a room mate.
Additional Information
I am very clean and love to keep the kitchen clean. I cook one or two times every day so when roommates leave dishes, even just for 12 hours, I am constantly working around them which gets old. That being said if someone leaves a bowl or soaks a pot overnight it's no big deal. I only care when they let stuff pile up or cook an entire meal and just leave the mess.
I own the home so I care about how people treat it. I don't expect a room mate to fix things or put money into the house but if they notice a water leak or something is broken let me know right away so I can keep a small problem from turning into a big one.
I would love to find someone who plans to stick around for a while, is clean, and has their life together and can pay rent and bill son time.
I am, unfortunately, allergic to dogs so I have a hard time living with them. I do have a cat.


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